I Dropped 8 Shots and Moved Back a Set of Tees Because of this 5 Minute Golf Lesson

This 5 minute golf tip will help you hit the golf ball longer, straighter and you ill drop 8 shots! This is PROVEN TO WORK with my client James. This is a really simple and easy golf lesson that will get your driving the golf ball longer. This golf tip focuses on giving you an effortless golf swing and hitting more fairways.

All golfers no matter if they are a beginner golfer, mid handicap golfer, senior golfer, high handicap golfer can follow this simple 5 minute golf lesson. So many golfers always ask me, how to increase distance with driver, how to hit more fairways, how to hit the golf ball longer, how to hit the golf ball straighter, how to hit the golf ball further, how to hit the driver on the up, how to hit more fairways.

This 5 minute golf swing lesson took my golf student from the mid 90s to the low 70s and hit so many more fairways. This simple golf lesson is broke into 3 parts which are are so powerful and will get you hitting the golf ball so much better.

Your golf swing will be so much better after this golf tip and golf lesson! This golf lesson will mean you will improve your ball striking, irons, driver and includes golf tips irons, golf tips driver, golf tips straight, ball striking tips, golf swing ball striking tips, improve ball striking golf, golf improve ball striking.

I Dropped 8 Shots and Moved Back a Set of Tees Because of this 5 Minute Golf Lesson!

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