Never Rush Your Golf Swing Again After Doing This Silky Smooth POWERFUL Move

Make a 0% effort golf swing and watch the ball EXPLODE off the club. After doing this golf tip you will hit farther and straighter without working hard. When you try to “muscle up” your golf swing and hit hard, you end up rushing. This causes you to lose distance and hit the ball all over the place. Your shots don’t feel clean when you rush your golf swing. Doing the opposite will change your ball striking. When you let the club do the work, you don’t feel like you have to muscle up and hit hard. Your body makes the proper golf swing sequence without thinking. The ball jumps off the club face with a cannon-like blast. Do this golf swing tip to swing silky smooth like Fred Couples and have more fun on the golf course.

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I am Tom Saguto, PGA Member and founder of SagutoGolf. Thank you for visiting my channel where you can learn how to play the best golf of your life. Whether you are an expert golfer looking for a quick swing tune-up or a beginner looking to play better. I am here to help you achieve your golfing goals.

My mission as your swing coach is simple, to help you maximize your enjoyment in game of golf. Because, let’s face it, golf is a hard game.

My goal for you is to have the most fun of your life playing golf. You’ll be hitting farther, straighter, and playing better golf by watching these videos. What are you waiting for, let’s get started!


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