This Is Why 85% Of Golfers CANNOT Hit Their Driver Straight!

In this video we are going to instantly show you why so many golfers struggle to hit their driver constantly straight! Rameen was a great example of this, he was so scared of the outcome that he was barely moving his body! We gave him two drills that massively improved his rotation in the golf swing and once he started gaining confidence with this motion, he was not only hitting his driver straighter, he was also hitting it much further!

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0:09 – WHY You can’t hit your driver straight
00:58 – Drill No.1 to improve rotation in the golf swing
02:18 – DON’T Think, just turn!
03:58 – So many golfers overlook this!
04:51 – Rameen is starting to improve!
06:19 – Body Synchronisation
07:23 – Drill No.2 – Improving your move away
10:05 – Huge difference now!

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