This CHIPPING VIDEO will turn you into a MACHINE! #andrewemerygolf #golflesson #golftips

In this video I demonstrate a chipping technique that is BULLET PROOF! It’s SIMPLE – EASY TO IMPLEMENT – AND REPEATABLE – Time and time and time again!!!

So many golfers struggle with that supposedly “EASY CHIP” from just off the edge of the greens with skulls, duffs and even shanks. It’s no wonder golfers concede to PUTTING even when they know they should be chipping!

You have to learn how to PUTT WITH LOFT! NO MORE traditional chipping, with the grip in the fingers, a ton of body rotation and excessive play in the hands. For a “SIMPLE” little chip you have WAY TOO MUCH movement over the ball and it’s time to quieten things down once and for all.

You’re going to learn HOW to chip, HOW to set up like a PRO! What DRILLS to implement to get you QUICK results. And, lastly – A phenomenal SYSTEM/CONCEPT for DISTANCE CONTROL!!

I’m confident that this video will take your CHIPPING to a level you couldn’t have imagined!!! GET AFTER IT – And, SUBSCRIBE!! I look forward to having you join “TEAM EMERY!” I’m on a mission to help you “INCREASE THE ENJOYMENT OF YOUR GAME!”

Cheers! Coach A. ⛳️🏌️‍♂️🙏🏻👊🏻

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